Saturday, 21 January 2012


Lots more things for me in the post over the last few days.

First, 3 braids of fibre from Fondant Fibre, The pink and blue and the brown and pink are both cheviot and the green and pink is a British breeds blend.  I’m currently formulating a plan for spinning these to show off the colours nicely.  I may spin one of them up using one of my super new spindles....
 ..made from dowels and toy wheels I received a few days ago, these little spindles are actually lovely spinners.  I do love my fancy spindles, but now that we are really trying to save as much money as we can these little ones are as cheap as chips and perfectly good.

That being said, I have allowed myself one last splurge and the postman should be arriving with the spoils any day now.... I can’t wait to share what it is, but I’ll wait until it is here.

Also through the door was the latest issue of Burda Style.  Typically it has a section on maternity wear, there is some nice stuff there but with only 10 weeks left to go it doesn’t seem worth sewing anything up.  I guess I’ll tuck it away in case there is a next time.  I guess I should probably browse through all of my old issues to see if there are any nice baby patterns.  That sounds like a nice job for Sunday afternoon, with a cup of tea and some chocolate.  Mmmmm.

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