Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Catch up

Ok, so quick catch up time, let’s see how much I can abbreviate this!

1:  House bought, moved into and largely redecorated.  Hurrah!

2: Me.  FAAAAT, but healthy.
 3. Baby.  Growing, kicking and...... female (according to the nice sonographer).  We are very happy about this.

4: Knitting.  Currently working on cute tiny baby cardi
 5. Spinning.  I have 2 projects very close to the plying stage which I hope to be able to share soon, as well as the usual ongoing projects which just goooo oooon!  I have been on a bit of a fibre splurge just recently.  A lot of undyed BFL which just looks kind of cream and these two lovely braids from FeltStudio.  I would buy all her stuff if I could.
Sparkly BFL

So, there’s a quick catch up.  It’s a busy exciting time for us at the mo and even though I don’t have much time I really hope that I can manage to share a bit more of it here.  It feels like I should be documenting things more, even if just for me to look back on.


Renee Anne said...

Wait, did I miss you being pregnant somewhere? How did I miss that? I'm pretty sure I would have let out a huge "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" about it...just sayin'.

Now, you better be 100% sure it's a girl because if it comes out a boy and you put it in a little pink cardigan, he's never going to forgive you (unless he's one of those boys that likes pink and, in that case, more power to him).

So, you're married, pregnant, and probably exhausted. And I'm having the "I wanna knit for babies" urge (but my husband's SIL and sister are both pregnant - only one is knitworthy), I might have to come up with something fun for you :)

Hanrahan said...

Thanks, it is exciting :) I did post an ultrasound pic a few months back, but I've been so quiet I'm not surprised you were surprised!

I'll be sure to post lots of cute baby pics - photos of your little boy always make my heart melt!

Renee Anne said...

So, I'm totally forgetful (which will be obvious when you read the comment from me in your next post with the fabric scraps and I ask if you're having a girl).

I'm pretty sure that baby brain hit me like a lead glove because I keep forgetting everything!