Friday, 20 January 2012

Here it is!

Firstly, panic over, the first of the spiral socks has been found and the second is well on its way to being finished.  They look a pretty pair don’t they?  Incidentally, the pattern is from Easy Knitted Socks by Jeanette Trotman.  My copy appears to have been to hell and back, it’s all crinkly and horrible and the entire back half appears to be stuck together.  Clearly during all the times I’ve been unable to find this book it has been off having adventures.

I finally got sewing last night, which was a relief as I have been itching to get going for  a while.  One thing after another held me back.  First there was nowhere to put the machine, then I couldn’t find any thread, then my ruler was missing and then I couldn’t find any pins.  Last night it all came together and I made this
It’s a lovely patchwork play mat, made by roughly following this tutorial. I love it!  I wasn't convinced it would end up being anything like square, but it is.  Even my topstitching looks fairly straight, I'm rather proud of myself.

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