Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Just dropping by

Yet again I’ve been busy, busy, busy and have had little time for blogging.  This is a real shame, but with the wedding now 17 days away I can think of little else.  Not that there is too much to do now, my floral arrangements are now in the hands of my good friend Gayle at Bloomingayles, the venue is all organised, everyone has outfits and I’ve been practicing in my shoes.  All that is really left is for me to finish my wedding shrug, which is now two long rectangles waiting for a third to be complete.  I’m still not terribly inspired by the knitting of this pattern, but I am getting there slowly.

So that’s it, boring eh?  I have however managed to do a very small amount of spinning – possibly I may even have an FO for you tomorrow and I have a new spindle too.  So now I’ve dropped by to tell you how much more interesting tomorrow’s post will be I shall pop off again, ta ta!.

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Renee Anne said...

You sound like I did the few weeks before my wedding. I was busy making all the men in the wedding party (a total of 10) scarves...granted, the pattern was easy-peasy but almost all the guys were over 6' so they needed a long scarf.

I finished the last one two days before the wedding (and I even worked on it in front of the recipient and he didn't even realize!).

So, really, it's not a problem unless you're knitting while walking down the aisle.