Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Dyeing to be yarn

A few months ago I bought 400g of undyed merino fibre to try my hand at dyeing.  It took me a while to be brave enough to actually try it but I have finally taken the plunge.  I’m not sure why I was so apprehensive, I had visions of coming out with a horrible felty mess but I did a bit of reading up to see how to avoid that and still I put it off.  Now I’ve finally got on and done it I think my biggest worry is that I’ve dyed something that looks perfectly fine, but it is only after it is spun and plied and knitted I’ll be able to truly tell if I did a good dye job.  Obviously the same is true with dying yarn, but without the extra (rather time consuming) step in there.  I guess this is something that will come with practice and I probably need the odd disaster to help me learn.  However, here is how dyed my fibre.
I’ll keep you posted with the progress of the yarn, so that if it turns out to be really fugly you can disregard any dyeing advice I may have given!


Renee Anne said...

It looks fine! The colors are complementary to the point that if they get "mixed" while spinning and plying, they won't look horrible together. It's not like you put kelly green with a royal purple, and then tried to spin and ply would come out a muddy color (which some would find attractive - probably including me).

So, don't worry about it :)

Hanrahan said...

That was the plan :) I'm glad it seems to have worked out well.

Anonymous said...

The colors look amazing. I am so jealous of how your dye attempt turned out.

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

It looks good; very professional. And I like your spun yarn in the picture for 5/11/11 and hope you will make something beautiful from it.