Tuesday, 3 May 2011


With a month to go until my wedding I was forced to assess my progress on my wedding shrug and had to admit that progress had been smidge slow.  Even with the wedding looming I was finding it difficult to motivate myself to knit more endless rows of stockinette.  So I decided to put a reward system in place.  For each 'pattern repeat' completed (i.e 23 rows stockinette, 3 short rows) I was allowed a short break to spin in.  This may have been effective had this not happened just before I finished my first repeat.
2 cats, 2 immobilised people!
Clearly I was not going anywhere, so I just kept on knitting and have finally finished the main body of the shrug.
I made a circle!
Now I just have to do the back pieces, the pattern has them half lace and half stockinette but as soon as I decided to knit this I knew that would bug me and would have to do all lace or all stockinette.  With time shortening I've plumped for the stockinette - boring but at least I can just knit and knit with no need for concentration so hopefully it'll be done in no time.

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pinkundine said...

It's funny - whenever I plan to reward myself after a repeat or two of something I'm bored with, something else happens and I end up doing more than I had planned... Glad I'm not the only one it happens to ;)