Thursday, 27 January 2011

You what!

Last night's wedding venue appointment has been postponed until Saturday, but the lady was very apologetic and let us know all the dates that were free.  So instead of going there or spending the evening knitting or spinning we high tailed it round to my parents and had a big old wedding pow wow  Between us we have decided that our favourite date was June 3rd, so providing the venue looks good I shall be getting married in just over 4 months - eek!

However, for today I cannot be thinking about all that at all.  We finally shipped the kittens off to the vet to be neutered today, we'd left it longer than we intended and being a boy and a girl we didn't want to risk any incidents.  A few days ago we spotted Billy clambering on Izzy's back and making a very inept job of humping her so the phone call to the vet was made with haste.  Stu took them in this morning and a short while later I get a text saying that Billy is a girl!  I am still in shock, Billie (as she henceforth shall be known) can't be a girl!  The vet said they understood how it happened, she is very big and is a total bruiser and you know...the humping.  So I've been out today and bought them some slightly less gender specific collars, all the while cursing the stooopid woman we got them from.

So for tonight I will hopefully be getting some actual knitting and spinning done while I help my kitty get in touch with her feminine side.

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