Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Knitty Winter 2011

I was having a little browse about on Ravelry yesterday and spotted a few threads on the forums which suggested that the new Knitty was up.  Luckily, I think I was a little late to the party, which meant that I had no trouble accessing it.  As usual I head to the website half hoping that everything on there is completely fugly so I don't end up adding anything else to my queue of things to knit now.  It sure is nice to have loads of choice, but every time I find a new pattern which I love love love another pattern ends up lying fallow for another few months.  I really should learn not to look, but look I did and thankfully there is nothing there that is screaming out to be knit right now.  Most of the patterns are not really for me, but I have faved a few on Ravelry with the vague intention that I might knit them one day.  Jacqueline is a bit of a long shot, bulky cardigans are not something I often knit, but maybe one day I might feel the need.  Shetlander I actually really like, but I'm still; feeling quite intrepid about colourwork so these will have to wait until I'm feeling brave.  Maeva I also really like, there's loads of socks in my queue and I tend to choose a yarn and then match it to a pattern so maybe these will get lucky soon, or maybe they won't.  Finally is Quest, which I think I really like but I'm not entirely sure.  I think I'll wait until there are a few more completed projects on Ravelry before I make up my mind.  So that's it, another 4 patterns in my favourites, but none of them are really threatening to leap to the top of the queue.  Thank heavens!

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