Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bridezilla awakes

I had a post planned for today, all about the spinning I've been doing and the new knitting book I got as a replacement for a duplicate Christmas present.However, I'm feeling far too distracted for this so I'm just going to write a quick post about what's on my mind. 


I could stop there, because that is basically what's going on in my brain.  When we got engaged in June we both knew that we wanted to get married as soon as possible but we are just now really starting to organise it.  Tonight we are off to see a lady about the reception and we may even have a date by the end of the day and all of a sudden I'm writing lists of things to organise, things to think about, trying to think of things I've not yet thought of but may need to think about thinking about...and so on.  I'm aware that I'm being a weeny bit crazy and hope this is not a sign of things to come.  With any luck I'll be feeling a bit more lucid and grounded tomorrow if things are a little more concrete.  Til then!

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