Thursday, 20 January 2011

Yarn - I made it, I did.

My first yarn
A couple of weeks work and I have finally completed my first spindle full of yarn, hurrah and a big pat on the back for myself.  Quite frankly I was beginning to be a little sick of the sight of bottle green so I pulled out all of the stops to finish it off.  The plan is now to spin up and equal amount of a lighter shade of green and then ply them together and achieve a hitherto unimagined greeny effect.  Sounds unpleasant?  I am fully prepared for just that outcome.  But first this yarn needed to come off the spindle.  I've spent a lot of time reading up on what to do next, many different people have many different preferences and I decided my best bet was to wind it all off on to my ball winder.
 Voila.  The obvious problem with this is that all of the really ropey yarn that I was making before the process became more natural is now on the outside of the ball with my slightly more consistent stuff lurking unseen inside somewhere.  Would rewinding the ball to hide the dodgy bits be too conceited do you think?  Or actually a good idea so that I have a good representation of the thickness of yarn I am going for on the second single?  All of that aside I would like to introduce my new spindle which I made last night.
The ones I made the other day have sadly been put aside because we couldn't get a hook in without splitting the chopsticks.  I've kept the whorls in case they fit on some replacement chopsticks, but for the moment I will have to make do with this one made from a dowel and a fimo whorl.  It's not terribly professional looking and is probably not very well balanced, but it seems to spin and I look forward to taking it for a spin (arf!) later.  I've got two more similar lengths of dowels to use, so hopefully this spindle will have a couple more friends before the weekend is out.

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