Monday, 29 March 2010

The boy in the yellow hat

This picture represents a huge sigh of relief, not only does the Knotty But Nice hat fit Mike, it looks a whole heck of a lot better on him than it did on me.  Thankfully now I can change the picture on my Ravelry project page as well so it no longer shows me grinning like a buffoon, wearing a hat that clashes with my hair!

Due to some minor laziness (and slight drunkenness) I haven't really done too much knitting the last few days.  I had to postpone work on the Kai-Mei sock because I couldn't find any little stitch markers.  Of course they were exactly where I thought they were, but because they are so tiny it took me two days to actually see them.  Note to self: get glasses fixed!  I did try and get on with them last night but the instructions were too confusing for a Sunday evening, maybe they'll make sense tonight?  In the mean time I've just been plugging away at the Cap Sleeved Top, I've just started decreasing for the arm holes and it's going quite quickly so I'm hopeful this will be done quite soon... except I may have accidentally (just don't ask me to justify my use of the word accidental - I can't) purchased a Playstation 3 at the weekend.  It hasn't arrived yet so I'm going to have to spend the next couple of days knitting like the furies because I suspect I won't be getting much done for a while.  I'm actually tempted to see if I can find out which games have the longest loading times so that I can get a couple of rows done every time I die!  A lot of my old PS2 games were brilliant for that, in fact you could have a small meal between the levels of certain games.  For persistant multi taskers like myself there are not problems but opportunities.

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Nineteen-eighty-two said...

I love my hat. Thanks so much! You are a wonder, a scholar, and a gentleblogger. The hat has so far got me two lifts, much respect, lots of kudos, and a fair amount of jealousy.

Much more to come, I feel.