Monday, 12 April 2010

What I did on my hols

Back to work today after a glorious week of sleeping, knitting, beer drinking, eating, film watching and video gaming. Unbelievably I found it a little difficult to locate my enthusiasm this morning and I have spent the whole day thinking about which of the above things I would do first when I got home. The answer of course was as many of the above as I could realistically do at the same time. Unfortunately that ruled out sleeping, but I knitted with the TV on while my dinner cooked, then I ate dinner and watched TV and then I played Prince of Persia and knitted in the cut scenes and then knitted some more while Flash Forward was on. So, the only thing missing is the beer drinking - I'll get on with that a bit later in the week I think!

I guess a little round up of progress is probably in order.

The Cap Sleeved Top is coming along, the back is done and I've just started the armhole shaping on the left front. The front looks a bit weird because the stitches for the button band are kept on a holder to be knitted separately and then slipstitched on later. This seems a bit crazy to me but I guess it feels like I am getting the front done super quick because there are less stitches than usual at the moment.

I also have something which very nearly looks like a sock, just a couple more inches and a toe and I'll be done. Obviously I then need to knit another thing at a time though eh?

And as well as all that I got on with a spot of T-Shirt mutilation at the weekend. I have got an enormous pile of T-Shirts which need to be Hannahfied but I just couldn't resist doing this one immediately.

This is a modification of one of the projects in Generation T by Megan Nicolay. Basically the instructions are for a halter neck, but instead of cutting across the back I left it the same as the front and threaded the ribbon through the front and back to be tied on one side. I like it! I've also got another one to do with the Space Shuttle on which I'll get on with very soon. I admit that I am slightly more obsessed with space travel than is becoming in a young lady, although I would never ever ever actually want to go into space myself. Hmm, deliberately quirky you say?

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