Thursday, 15 April 2010

Fit blokes + yarn = knitting fever

I got home from work on Tuesday to find one of those little delivery cards the Royal Mail leave when they can't be arsed to squeeze something through your letter box.  This could mean only one thing, my delivery from Celticove had arrived - yay!  I love getting stuff in the post and I love getting knitting stuff in the post even more.  I had been fairly restrained and only ordered two things, but one of them was a book and will inevitably lead to more purchases. Oops.

I got 6 balls of this Rowan Cashsoft 4-ply to make the pictured project (Clara from Kim Hargreaves Amber).  This yarn totally does what it says on the tin because it is soooo soft.  I spent a good ten minutes squishing and smooshing it and making cooing noises, let's hope it knits up to be just as nice.  I know it looks like I'm going through a bit of a blue phase at the moment, but it is purely a coincidence.  This shade was on offer and I didn't mind it so another blue sleeveless cardi it is.

Also purchased was Kim Hargreaves latest book, Misty.  This has got loads of summery stuff in it, made from cotton and linen and lovely stuff for summer cover-ups.  I'm not sure I'll get round to making any of it this summer but there are a few things I am itching to get started on.  Fleeting, Haze and Blossom are all going straight in my queue.  I also really like Jess, but wonder if my sister Jess would like it.. although if Jess has a Jess then I have totally got to have a Hannah.

Also through my door this week was Supernatural Series 3 and last year's Star Trek film.  So that works out as precisely 822 minutes (13.7 hours no less) of sexy men parading around for my entertainment while I knit.  If anyone needs me I'll be on the sofa!

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