Monday, 15 March 2010

Plans. Not for sleepy people.

Yesterday evening was going to be knitting night. I had it all planned out, I had three projects all lined up and I was going to rotate between the three of them. I knew if I tried to stick to just one I’d give up quite quickly and get nothing done (I’ll go into that in a mo) so I put them all within arm’s reach. Then I sat down with the TV on, looking forward to watching Wonders of the Solar System (I am a total space geek) whilst making a nice dent in my knitting.... and promptly fell asleep. Guess I’ll have to try again tonight. Monday night is Glee night and that show is so damned perky I’m sure there is no way I’ll fall asleep this time. My main objective for tonight is to try and sort out the mess on the Knotty But Nice hat, which has been sitting in the naughty corner for quite some time now. I am well aware that even if I fix the problem and get loads done it is still very near the end of woolly hat season, but I am determined not to have this hanging around until Autumn. However, should I get frustrated with it again I have two other projects waiting in the wings.

This is the beginnings of the Cap Sleeved Top from Rowan Studio 11 that I mentioned in my last post. It nearly didn’t get started because I couldn’t find any 5mm needles but then I remembered that the Knit Lites I got for my birthday last year were 5mms. Obviously for novelty value I immediately sat myself down in a darkened room to knit with my super duper illuminated needles. Two things then dawned on me (aside from the fact that I may be mental). One, this top is stockinette. I can knit stockinette with my eyes closed, thus rendering light up needles a wee bit pointless. And two, these needles make my hands hurt. I think at most I have managed three rows in a, well, row before having to stop and move on to my third project, a nice easy sock, to give my hands a rest. This state of affairs is ok for the time being, but I have made a very exciting purchase which should remedy the situation as soon as it arrives. So I shall finish up today with a little plea to the Royal Mail to please bring me my Knit Pro Spectra set swiftly before I actually explode with anticipation!

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