Monday, 22 March 2010


After another heavy weekend (which incidentally began on Wednesday this week) of drinking, dancing, shouting and getting very wet on theme park rides, I decided that yesterday would be a sofa, DVD and knitting day. Apart from a quick trip to the post box I managed not to leave the house at all and I had a lovely day. I popped Series 1 of Supernatural in the DVD player and tried not to let my inappropriate thoughts about Dean Winchester get in the way of my knitting! Work continues apace of the Knotty But Nice hat, I'm about 3/4 of the way through the cable chart now so the end is definitely in sight. As planned I have also transferred the Cap Sleeved Top on to some of those spangly new Knit Pro Spectra tips instead of the straight Knit Lites it was on. I am so glad I did. I don't know if was because the Knit Lites are a bit 'swingy' due to the size of the ends or just because I haven't used straights for ages, but I was finding it difficult to knit more than one row without stopping. Of course that wouldn't be a problem if I was happy to wait until 2030 for a little cardigan, but even I might be growing a little impatient by then. The Knit Pro Spectra's are a little grippy and slow for someone who generally favours metal needles, but they are pointier than a lot of plastic needles and they are soooo pretty. Overall, I likes them!

Also yesterday, during the course of my general pottering about I made an enormous mistake. I got out one of the boxes with my stash in because I thought there might be a rogue DPN in there. There was (hurrah!) but what there also was was a whole load of UFO's which I had forgotten about (boo!). I did attempt to cover them up again with stash, but no I had to take a photo and now I have to face up to all of these half finished projects and try to make a plan for actually finishing them.

1. Kai-Meis. Not sure why I stopped work on these, given that they are further along than the socks I have been working on lately perhaps I should concentrate on these instead?

2. Slouchy Cover Up. Embarrasingly this has been 99% done for well over a year now. I made a total balls up of the shoulder seaming so I kind of hid this and pretended it didn't exist. All I need to do is unpick the dodgy seem, do it again properly and then pick up some stitches for the neck and then bam, FO! This is going to have to be a priority.

3. Sloppy Joe. Not a priority. Much as I love this and want it, I'm not really going to need it until winter. It went to one side because the ribbing is a total pain in the arse and I needed the needle tips for something else.

4. Brights 2. I have no idea why I stopped working on this. It will be a really useful summer cover up so I will try and get on woth this as soon as the Cap Sleeved Top is done.

5. Alpaca socks. I have lost count of the amount of times I have lost the book with the pattern for these in! I currently know exactly where it is, but these are really a winter garment so they are going to the bottom of the pile. I'll be keeping an eye on that book though!

I think that's it, I guess it doesn't look too bad now I've laid it all out... does it?!

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