Tuesday, 1 December 2015

FO:New Look 6216 again

Today's post was meant to be about my latest Lady Skater dress but I've completely failed at getting a any good photos of that so instead of boring you all to death with yet another Lady Skater I'm going to bore you senseless with another previously made pattern.  This time it's New Look 6212, which you may remember from the time I presented you with a post that was mostly about a grey t-shirt.
Just to mix things up a bit (or maybe because it suddenly got bloody freezing here!) I made the longer sleeved version this time.  It's still a grey t-shirt though, I really know how to keep things interesting around here!
When I bought the fabric for this I was planning on making another short sleeved version so I only got 1 metre and it was a bit touch and go on whether I'd actually be able to squeeze this one out of it.  Because the sleeves are cut on it uses up a lot of width and means you can't really jiggle the bits around until they fit and the only way I was able to do it was to have a seam up the back.
My stripes are a little off, but I don't think it's too noticeable and is certainly better than plan B which was to cut the back out of different fabric.  Other than that this whole top took me two evenings to make, including tracing the pattern, which is always a bonus.  I did most of it on my overlocker, although with hindsight I should have stuck the neck band in with my sewing machine, it's quite wobbly in places.  I sewed the hems with a lightening bolt stitch because I still haven't got the settings quite right for twin needling and my hems keep popping.  It's not my favourite finish, but it really doesn't notice if I don't look too closely.  Next time I might just draw up a little band for the end of the sleeve because I think that will look neater and I'd like a little more length too.  I think I'd also avoid a stripy fabric in future because I think that the lengthwise stripes on the arms do look a bit weird.  I still really like this top and it's quirky sleeves, but I'm not sure it's a feature I want to replicate.
This pattern is a total winner and I know this won't be the last time I use it.  Next time I'll go crazy and maybe not use grey though.  Maybe.
P.S. I may have a teensy weensy bit of a hangover in these photos so that's my excuse for the terrible bed hair.  Not gonna apologise though, the night before was the first time I've hit the town since having Cassie so it's hardly surprising that I got a bit squiffy!

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