Monday, 4 May 2015

Happy Birthday to meeeee!

I actually have an FO I should really be blogging about for today, but I can't really be bothered because today is my birthday. Yay! I've actually had a miserable few days, we've all had really horrible colds so I've not really been in the mood to celebrate. I made a special effort to be more chipper today though so that we didn't just all sit around and mope for the day.

I got up sooooper early, thanks to Lissy who then promptly went back to sleep and left me wide awake so I had a couple of hours of blissful peace and quiet before everyone else got up. I made a cuppa and caught up on Mad Men and Game of Thrones whilst doing a little bit of relaxing colouring in.

This afternoon, with the girls safely out of the way with their aunts and uncle, Stu and I got some lunch, did a bit of shopping and then went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. Datetastic!

Gift wise I feel like the luckiest lady alive right now. Stu arranged for my whole family to club together and I got an overlocker and a dress form. Due to some admin nonsense we were actually sent two dress forms and no overlockers so I'm still waiting for my new machine, but me and the new lady in my life have been getting acquainted.

I've totally eaten way too much today and I still feel really poorly, but it's been a good day and I couldn't ask for more :)



4 comments: said...

Ah happy birthday. Hope you feel better soon.

Renee Anne said...

Happy birthday, lovely lady :) And your dress form needs a name. I'm just saying that it'll be easier to be acquainted if she's got a name.

Hannah Smith said...

Thank you :) I'll probably stick with Headless Hannah, I'd feel weird sticking pins in her neck if she has a proper name!

Hannah Smith said...

Thanks, me too!