Tuesday, 5 May 2015

FO: Simplicity 1413

As promised yesterday I have an FO for you. Simplicity 1413, a simple shirt for boys and men made in delightful disco colours for Miss Cassie.

Making things for Cassie is a total joy these days, she gets so excited when I finish things for her and she wears them with such pride. She's also a total pro and recognising handmade things, she can spot a pair of handknitted socks from 29 paces, it's very impressive!

On the whole the construction of this shirt gave me very little trouble. The fabric had been hanging around in the stash for a long time so I forgot I hadn't prewashed it so the pieces all shrunk a little when I got a hot iron on them. I just made sure after the first incident of "aargh, these pieces don't match!!" that I pressed all the bits until they all shrunk and the shirt is still a little large so no harm done. Aside from that and my machine throwing a bit of a fit about sewing buttonholes through a couple of layers of fabric and interfacing it all went pretty smoothly.

I think this will be a really lovely garment for the summer and I'm sure I'll be making her another before long. The pattern is for boys so I'll be sure and pick some nice girly fabric, especially as she's going through a bit of a princess phase. I'll also put the buttons on the girl side too next time as I'm finding fastening them quite awkward.

In other news, I'm still feeling pretty rough although Felicity did do me the favour of sleeping through the night last night so I have had a good sleep. Going back to work tonight after the long weekend is going to be haaaaard though. Boo.


3 comments: said...

AW sweet shirt. Your little girl is loving the modelling. Hope you feel better soon.

Leah (Good Enough Knits) said...

So fabulous! I think I need to make a disco skull shirt for myself...

Hannah Smith said...

It was so hard to keep that fabric for Cassie and not make myself something out of it, it's still for sale though so never say never!