Monday, 18 May 2015

FO: Burda Style 3/2014 #115

What's this? As if posting every day for the last 7 days wasn't enough, I'm back for more? It's true! Partly it's because I've got into the habit now, but mostly it's because I haven't been idle while blog week was going on and I have an FO. Firstly though, a big thanks to everyone who participated in blog week, either by posting or by reading or commenting. It was a really fun week, the focus was a lot more on us as people this year so I really feel like I've got to know you all better. Right, crashing on....

Is this thing on?

I made jeans!

Not particularly well fitting or spectacularly cool jeans

But jeans nonetheless. I'm viewing these as one in a series, leading me up to a perfect pair. The pattern, from last March's Burda Mag, has been on my to make list for ages. It's the sewing lesson pattern, which means that the instructions are considerably better than usual, although there were still a few headscratchers in there. I took my usual approach of following them as far as I could and googling anything that was unclear. The front fly being a particular example, although I'm still a little unhappy with that.

So, bad news first, things that need improving for next time:

  • My sad frowny crotch, the length and depth need fiddling with.
  • My knees. A lot of my jeans have baggy knees so this isn't a surprise. I removed about 3" from the length but I think I need to look more carefully about where I need to take it from
  • The fly. It went in easily but the zip pull shows a bit so I need to be more careful next time
  • The waistband. Just ugh. This was my second waistband as the first one was too short and I think I'd lost the will to live before sewing on the second one.
  • The buttonhole. Let's just not talk about it.

Good stuff!

  • I made jeans!
  • The insides look great. I got to take my overlocker for a spin and I loves it. Finishing seams is so fast now!
  • The length is pretty spot on.
  • I'm really pleased with my pockets and top stitching. I only did one row of top stitching, I'll add a second next time.
  • They didn't take me very long at all. I'm definitely starting to find this whole sewing thing a bit easier now.

I'm counting these as a win overall, most of the issues can be covered with a long tshirt, except for the kness but as discussed I often have baggy knees so no one will notice! They're pretty comfortable so they'll be perfect for work and kicking around with the kids....speaking of whom, I'll leave you today with the the biggest pout in the South East, this child cracks me up!

It's MY broom!



Leah (Good Enough Knits) said...

Forget any small issues - you made jeans! And you're contemplating a 'next time.' That is awesome, and they look great! said...

Wow you made jeans! Well done. Little people are so funny!

Hannah Smith said...

Thanks! She's hysterical, the duck lips are her signature look!

Hannah Smith said...

Thank you, it's so easy to be overly critical of one achievements :)