Friday, 2 January 2015

Sewing FO: Burda 04/2014 #115

Wow, whaddya know, here I am again with one of the FOs I mentioned yesterday. I've been lucky to get plenty of sewing time over the last couple of days, I got Stu the Assassins Creed game he wanted for Christmas and he's been keeping half an eye on the girls while he plays and I've been able to get into the next room and sew. I'll admit that I'll quite often spring for new video games for him because it quite literally buys me some time to work on my projects.

So, the blouse. The pattern was in April's edition of Burda Style Magazine but is also available to download here. I immediately knew that I'd make this, not only is it really cute but it is totally breastfeeding friendly which is a real win for me. I set about unfocussing my eyes and tracing the pieces from the visual torture device that Burda call a pattern sheet and then made a practice run out of some horrible lining fabric. It was basically horrible, but I knew it would be fine in nicer fabric.

This lovely bird print crepe seemed like just the thing. I was quite careful to pin the fabric when I folded it for cutting out so that all my pieces would match. I decided I couldn't really be bothered to pattern match at the sides, but I wanted the fronts and sleeves to be symmetrical.

I used French seams throughout, including setting in the sleeves. I'll definitely be doing that again, it was relatively simple and looks really neat.

I'm quite pleased with my mitred corners, they could be a little neater on the inside but the outside looks good. The same goes for my bias faced neckline.

Do you like my new labels? I got them a while back, but this is the first time I've been pleased enough with something to sew one in.

I'm really pleased with this overall. I have lost weight since I originally cut out the pattern so if I made this again I probably would size down a little. I quite like the relaxed fit of it though, especially teamed with skinny jeans. I had planned for it to be a little longer, I added 3 inches at the waist when I traced the pieces but I also forgot to add the seam allowance there first so it actually ended up pretty much the same length as it should have been. I think it was a happy accident though, I won't be wearing it without a top underneath so there's no chance of accidental belly flashage. And trust me, that is a very good thing!



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