Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Wow, 2015, that kinda snuck up on me, these years just fly by so fast these days! 2014 was pretty good, kicking off with Felicity joining our family and ending with a lovely Christmas. Along the way Cassie turned 2, my little brother got married and, according to my Ravelry notebooks, I knitted 15 things.

So what has the year ahead got in store for me? Of course I really have no idea, but I like to set a few goals just to keep me focussed. I usually do this during blog week, but seeing as I only made it to day 5 this year I missed out. These aren't really resolutions, but things I'd like to learn or try if I can.

1. Learn double knitting. It looks like fun and there are loads of cool potholder type patterns that are ideal for giving it a go without committing to a scarf or something big, this Star Trek one would make a great present for my BIL.

2. Complete something for the 'Christmas box' at least every couple of months. It would be great come christmas to know that I have 6 gifts ready to go. This year was a bit of a mad scramble because of one thing and another so I'd like to avoid that this year.

3. Knit more for me. I love knitting for my girls and knitting things for tiny people is total instant gratification but I have a great long list of things I want for myself. I've been putting a lot of these things on the back burner because I've changed shape a lot of times in the last few years, but I'm now roughly back where I started and intend to stay that way, so knitting garments for me seems like less of a waste of time now.

4. Sew more. I have an ever growing fabric and pattern stash but I rarely finish anything. I'm learning to be more realistic about what I will wear so hopefully I'll be more motivated this year. It's hard to apply myself when it comes to sewing a party dress when I rarely go to parties! On the other hand sewing up a practical denim skirt I know I'll wear every week is a much better proposition.

That's it really. Oh and keep up to date on here too. I have a blouse on my sewing table which only requires the second sleeve setting in and Stu's second Totoro mitten is more than half done, so I'll be back before you know it with some FOs. What a way to start the year :)


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