Friday, 16 January 2015

FO: Zombie Cardigan

Today's FO has been well and truly brought back from the grave! I cast on for the Cap Sleeve Top from Rowan Studio 11 back in March 2010 and I finally finished it up yesterday. I have to confess that I feel slightly ridiculous about this. I'm not sure exactly when or why this got put to one side, I've come across it a few times over the years but each time I've just put it back away thinking that I had loads left to do and it probably wasn't worth it because it was unlikely to fit me. This time, however I actually took a proper look at the pieces. It turns out I had a back two fronts and one and a half sleeves, that meant I only had half a sleeve left to knit. To be more precise, half a cap sleeve.

Yep, those sleeves are flipping tiny, what a wally I am! To be fair, being a Rowan pattern, the making up was pretty torturous and I had to knit and attach the button bands, pick up and knit the neckband and then sew the whole thing together, but even so not really worth procrastinating about for 5 years.

Luckily I'm pretty happy with the finished item. It fits and, although I'm not really feeling it with the black top I have on here, it looks nice on. It is knitted with Rowan Bamboo tape, so it is pretty heavy and I'm anticipating some growth, but hopefully not too much. The button band was pretty gapey, again because I'm the bamboo so I've actually sewn it down seeing as I can slip it on over my head anyway.

Getting photos of this top was almost as time consuming as knitting it, if I wasn't being photobombed I was trying to hold them out of the way or get a pic done quickly before they came back. I've decided I don't care, it's pretty funny really!



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Renee Anne said...

Ah, children. I have the problem of Little Man wanting to model for me...which is fine if it's something for him. But he's tried to model things made for me...and it's too big and he looks silly :) But it's silly so I go with it :)