Tuesday, 9 September 2014

FO: Toddler Pyjamas

Don't ask about the Family Tree shawl, I'm still beavering away slowly on clue 2 and clue 5 is due out on Friday. Oops! Unfortunately it's been a little warm for my liking again and, because this clue involves lots of cables which needed all of my attention to knit it's been difficult to find moments where I can just sit and concentrate. I've cheated and had a look a at the next two clues and they look like they are a lot less involved so hopefully I can catch up before too long.

One reason why I've been unable to find a quiet moment is because Felicity is now walking! Properly, actually walking. She's been taking a few steps here and there for a few weeks now but in the last week or so she's really cracked it and is toddling about all day. Given that she's only just 8 months and particularly tiny with it she looks really funny, I'm super proud of her though.

Just giving myself a round of applause, I deserve it

So, onto Cassie's pyjamas. I've been meaning to sew these up for her for absolutely ages, I think the pattern has been in my collection for almost 2 years. I got some really cool fabric with skulls on in neon colours that I thought I would use but it turned out I didn't have enough of that, so I turned to this blue gingham that I've had for so long that it's moved house with me three times. Every time I've thought to use it I've ended up deciding that it's far too school uniformy but who cares when it comes to clothes you don't leave the house in. I've got enough left for a matching pair for Felicity plus a bit more so you'll probably see some more of it again soon.

The pattern is New Look 6932, I went for the boys bottoms because leg ruffles are most definitely not how we roll here and I used the short sleeves, again sans ruffle because NO RUFFLES. It all went together pretty easily, the trousers are super simple and although the yoke has quite a few steps it wasn't too much of a stretch for my rusty skills. I made a real effort to up my game when it came to finishing and I turned and stitched all my hems making the insides lovely and neat.

There's a few little elements that could have turned out better though. My gathering sucks because my gathering always sucks. I also need to move the buttons at the back in a bit because they are clearly in the wrong place. I tried the top on Cassie a few steps before the end and thought the top might be a little snug so I put the buttons quite far out accordingly, but it turned out to fit just fine and now the back is all gapey.

I went with pink buttons for a bit of contrast and also because

A gift from Father Christmas lat year

That huge jar of pink buttons is the reason why I will pretty much always go with pink buttons. Also that's not all of them, there's more that wouldn't fit in the jar.

All in all I'm chalking these up as a win, Cassie loves them and was so excited to have new jim jams at bed time. Hopefully they'll stand up to a night of wiggling about and we'll see just how good a job I did in the morning.




Renee Anne said...

Cute :) Sometimes, I wish I could sew...but with everything going on right now, it's probably good that I don't have another hobby!

Hannah Smith said...

Too true, if I ever even think about taking up another hobby there are people who have permission to tie me down until the feeling passes!