Friday, 12 September 2014

Family Tree MKAL: Clue 2

Well not only did Cassie's new pyjamas last the night but they still looked pretty good throughout the whole of the next day because she refused to take them off! Now that she's 2 1/2 she is very much asserting her own opinions and if she really wants to wear her jim jams all day and we have no plans otherwise then it is not really worth the argument to me. Of course I was secretly really pleased that she liked them and was comfortable enough in them to want to keep them on. I think we can say they are a great success.

So on to the Family Tree shawl, I'm now a whole 2 weeks behind and the final clue comes out today but I have finally finished the second clue.

Yes, it's a tree! The pattern suggested using beads at the end of each branch, which I thought would be really lovely but unfortunately I wasn't able to get hold of any in time. I figured I can always stitch some on later if I really feel like something is missing.

At the moment I'm feeling like this shawl is really pretty, but not entirely up my alley. I have already have an inkling as to where it's going to end up come Christmas time so I'm not terribly upset. It will be really nice to have a Christmas gift sorted already and I have so many other shawls I want to make for me that it's probably a good thing that I don't think I'll keep this one. I guess this is all part and parcel of mystery knitting.

The next two clues look far more simple, each row is the same all the way across with just a few rows being repeated so I'm looking forward to being able to just knit without worrying that I'll get distracted and confused which happens a lot in this house. I wonder how quickly I'll be able to catch up?


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