Monday, 18 August 2014

Making hay while the sun doesn't shine!

When Friday dawned all grey and windy and rainy I'm pretty sure everybody else groaned, but I rubbed my hands together with glee for around 5 seconds before realising that I should be putting them to better use and got out my knitting. This being August (albeit August in England) I'm was sure I couldnt expect this state of affairs to continue for long so, children and housework be damned, it was knitting time. Unfortunately the kids didn't get the memo, apparently nursing infants still require feeding even when there is knitting to be done. So inconsiderate! However I do still have something which is beginning to resemble a garment.

Plastic lady is guarding my knitting from that tiny hand on the left

Being a tiny wee thing for a tiny wee girl it is coming together pretty quickly. So it's time for a little agreement with myself. The first clue for the Family Tree Shawl MKAL came out today and I've been trying to decide whether to cast on for it. I really enjoyed the Me and You MKAL by the same designer earlier this year and this one looks really interesting with a two colour cast on and Latvian braids, but I've got loads of other stuff I want to knit too. I've decided to leave it up to fate, if I can finish this Baby Bubble before the next clue comes out then I can go ahead and cast on for the MKAL if not then I just move on to the next item in my queue when I do finish Felicity's top. Sounds fair enough?

Oh and speaking of Felicity, she surprised all of us by taking two tiny little steps on Thursday! I'm super impressed but she's 7 months for heavens sake, I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be trotting around just yet.

And lastly, how cute are my little owls? My sister gave them to me for my birthday in May and I love them an unnecessary amount.


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