Thursday, 14 August 2014

Cast on and and on and on...

The weather here is till not terribly knitting friendly so instead of throwing a total wobbly and upping sticks to the North Pole I decided to put my sock to one side and cast on with something from the giant bag of cotton I got in the Drops cotton super sale last month. So, cast on I did and then again and again and again. Seriously, I want to say I've had to cast on for this project four times now, but it could even be five I don't even know. The first go round my circular needles were too long, the second time I found shorter needles but they were shocking awful cheap ones and my stitches wouldn't go over the join. Then I found the right length cable for my interchangeables, cast on, started knitting the first row, got distracted halfway round and then somehow a load of stitches came off the needles and it was time to cast on yet again. Oh well, at least it's only 68 stitches.

I'm finding it quite sad that this tiny bit of knitting is news!

So here we are, all 68 stitches safely cast and the first row knit, hopefully for the last time! Should I actually manage to get to the end of this project with no more problems this will be a Baby Bubble, another pattern by Yarn Madness. I love her stuff for kids and one day I'll get round to trying one of her adult patterns for me. This one is for Felicity which means it will be a quick knit because she is so wee. At 7 months she is still growing into some of her 3-6 months clothes, such a contrast to Cassie who has always been quite large.

Being tiny certainly isn't stopping her though, she is now very competently cruising the furniture and can even let go and stand for a few seconds before grabbing on again. She's growing up so fast but she just continues to get more adorable by the day.




Renee Anne said...

Little Man was always tall for his age...and then he'd get chubby for awhile, grow a bunch, and get skinny all over again. He's still like that at almost 4 years old. If I didn't know that Stormageddon had long leg bones already, I'd say he'd wind up opposite of Little Man...but he's measuring big for his age. Oh well. They're all different :)

Hannah Smith said...

Felicity was supposed to be quite large too, I think they must have been looking at the wrong baby!