Friday, 6 December 2013

Things that are not knitting

Yesterday I somehow completely forgot that as well as knitting I have actually found a little bit of time for some spinning and dyeing. I think this is because I am now home in the evenings and cooking dinner for us all again and it is very easy for me to sneak in to the dining room and spin for a few minutes while I'm waiting for this to cook or that to boil. It's not much but I'm really pleased that I have finally finished the skein of yarn which has been sitting on the wheel for months now.

It's only half of the fibre, I have this left to spin.

There was 150g there to begin with, so a little too much to pack on a bobbin so I split the whole lot into 25g sections to make two skein of 3ply. This first skein still needs to be washed so it's not quite done and I haven't bothered weighing or measuring it yet but I really like it. It's soft and squishy and I love the cheerful glimpses of shiny yellow peeping through the other colours.

After a long dyeing hiatus I started simple, dyeing half a skein of sock yarn pink for my ill fated mittens. There's not much to say about this except that it is PINK pink and that makes me very happy. So happy in fact that I decided to dye a little bit of fibre the same colour.

I had a 200g bag of South American fibre which I split into 3. I left one third undyed, dyed one third in the lovely bright pink and then split the last third in two again and dyed one part purple and the other orange. The idea is to spin two solid plies, one white and one pink and then spin the third ply randomly in pink and orange to hopefully give a really subtle variation to the finished yarn. I can't wait to see how it turns out.


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