Thursday, 5 December 2013


I've been a bit quiet for a few days, mainly because I've been a bit disordered, flitting about a bit and every time I thought about writing a post I couldn't quite work out where I was going to start. So today I'm going to see if I can get myself together and fill in any gaps over the next few days.

So what have I been up to. Well firstly, after my first attempt to make my SILs Christmas hat didn't work out I thought I'd get right on that and make her a different one. This one turned out much better but it took me a good few days to get round to taking any photographs so I'm only now getting around to revealing it. Thanks to my sister for modelling for me.

The pattern is Candy: Stripes and Sprinkles by Tori Gurbisz which I have had my eye on for ages. It was included in the Giftalong on Ravelry so I got a discount on the pattern and I was very excited to finally make it. I also treated myself to Themisto by the same designer and look forward to making that soon too. The pattern was really easy and it was fun to see it come together in the end. The yarn is my own handspun and I'm really pleased with the way it knitted up. I had no idea it would stripe so well and I love how sparkly it is. It's a BFL and sparkle blend I got from FeltStudio a while back.

After that I decided that I desperately needed some mittens. It's got quite cold here and while I usually make do with my Evangeline armwarmers, a trip out with the buggy meant there was no hiding my fingers from the cold. I cast on for a pair of stranded mittens with sock yarn and knit for a couple of days but after a couple of days I started to doubt whether they were big enough and whether I was actually likely to finish them any time soon. Then I spotted a mistake I couldn't live with so I ripped them back and went out and bought a pair of flip top mittens instead. I completely forgot to take any photos of them but I will start them again in a few projects time so I'll add the details then.

Since then I've been at a bit of a loss as to what to start next so I've been working on baby's blanket. I've now completed the chart once, all 164 rows of it. The pattern suggests 2 1/2 repeats so I feel like I'm getting somewhere now. I have now settled on my next project so hopefully I'll get going on that later and introduce it tomorrow.

And finally, can I get a massive hooray? Due to saving up nearly all of my annual holiday entitlement I am now officially on maternity leave until at least September! I like my job a lot, but I love being home for dinner and baby bedtime every night even more and I'm glad I can make the most of these last few weeks with just Cassie.



Renee Anne said...

You get a lot of maternity time. Here, you're lucky if you get anything longer than 6 weeks and almost impossible to find anyplace that goes beyond 12 weeks. I hope you enjoy it!

Hanrahan said...

We are very fortunate in Britain, we can take up to a year and get paid at least something for a lot of it.