Saturday, 14 December 2013

FO: Barry

So Barry is done, blocked and dried and is now my absolute favourite thing. Seriously, I love this hat. This is great because the pattern is so versatile and I can see myself making several more and they will all be completely different. Genius! I thought the colours might be a little bright for my head, but I think they work really well and although my button choice really surprised me I'm glad I went for it it, they are so cute. Can you tell I love this pattern?

I think my next one will be in a bulky yarn, perhaps with a little less height/slouch. I can't wait. Again the pattern is Barry by Leethalknits and the yarn is Drops Nepal leftover from baby's coffee bean cardigan. I still have some left and although I considered making baby a matching hat to go with the cardi I've decided that she already has a lot of hats and so I'm going to cast on for a hat for Cassie instead. I think I'll put it in her Christmas stocking.

And as Christmas draws nearer, so does baby's due date, eek. In fact if this little lady is in a bit of a hurry like her big sister was then we are looking at less than 2 weeks now. I'm kind of hoping she hangs on a bit longer than that though. I may change my mind on that one though as I get bigger and bigger, Cassie can already hide from me just by standing directly in front of me and I am developing my own gravitational field!



Renee Anne said...

It may be a little too far off, but I hear January 7th is a good day...

Hanrahan said...

It seems I know a lot of people with early Jan birthdays and they all want me to try for theirs!