Sunday, 21 April 2013


After what has felt like an eternal winter we have finally had a peek at the sun over the last few days.  Whether it's here to stay or not I don't know, but I'm feeling confident that we won't now be plunged back into the depths of winter again.  This is quite a relief as we are are off to the Cornwall coast at the end of April for a lovely family holiday.  Of course, this is England and it could quite conceivably rain for the whole week but I'm choosing to believe that it will be fine.  I will take plenty of knitting though, just in case.

By then I should have finished Sam's Dashing gloves, the first one is done and the second one shouldn't be too far behind.  Not that it really matters because I'm fairly sure he'll just put them in a drawer until next winter now.  Sigh.
This lovely weather has also put me in a bit of a spring cleaning mood, which is highly unusual for me.  Our dining room also serves double duty as my craft room and frankly it is not really doing a good job of being either.  So I'm clearing out, rearranging and formulating a plan to make it work much better.  Unfortunately I'm at the 'breaking eggs' stage of the tidying omelette and all I've done is made a HUGE mess.  I guess I know what I'll be doing with my weekend then!

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Renee Anne said...

It's supposed to be hot here today in "northern" California. I'm still flummoxed as to how San Francisco, which is in the middle of the coast, can be considered "northern" but, you know, that's how Californians think.

I keep thinking we should do some spring cleaning...but I'd rather knit and spin :)