Monday, 13 February 2012

Teeny weeny things.

Aware I had been slacking a bit on the baby knits front, I finally knuckled down a bit and got on with it.  Turns out baby knitting is great and the near instant gratification is very satisfying.  So...
The Offset Wraplan is done.  It’s really cute and was quite easy, but there were stitches to be picked up, numerous ends to be sewn in and buttons to be sewn on.  None of these are my favourite things to do so I probably won’t knit it again.  As you can see I also whipped up a little matching hat (pattern here) which took me no time at all.  Both are made from Debbie Bliss Merino DK which has been in my stash for ages.
 Next I cast on for this in some James C Brett Kool Kotton I’ve also had hanging around for years.  I’m very aware that even though there is still snow on the ground here it could be quite warm by the time baby arrives so I’m trying to knit most things out of cotton.  I’ve made one and a half fronts and I’m really enjoying this knit so far.  I love the colour of the yarn and will probably use some bright pink ribbon for the ties, just for a bit of contrast.
And in other news, here is a nice big plying ball just waiting for its turn on the spinning wheel.  Hopefully next time I’ll have new yarn to share.

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