Monday, 6 February 2012

Oh no! Snow!

Dreaming of a bbq summer?
Yesterday it snowed.  This was not good.  Ordinarily I love snow, but I love it it in a way where I need to run around around in it and throw it and slide around on it in a sledge.  None of these things are practical for the 32 weeks pregnant lady.  Bummer.  So, instead I stayed indoors and looked at it a bit and then got one with some spinning instead.  My first wheel spun yarn is completed, plied, washed and dried.
It looks ok I think, a bit squiggly in places, but perfectly adequate.  It is 85g and around 243m, as usual I have no idea of the yarn weight, I'll work it out at some point.  The finished yarn is not the softest, but that is likely down to the fibre and it will probably be just fine for a hat or gloves.  Obviously having an empty wheel was not desirable, so I've moved on to spinning some merino I've been hanging onto for ages.  It started life like this (left).
I've tried spinning it a couple of times, but I was never really happy with the way all of the colours mixed together and went brown.  This time I have split the top into really thin strips and managed to preserve some of the brightness.  The plan is to make a 3ply, with two plies made of this and the third just plain black.  Hopefully this will be just the thing to lift my mood while I try to forget how much fun I could be having outside!

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pinkundine said...

I love snow, but where I am it fell really fine and even though there was good cover it wasn't snow for playing in :(

Love the look of your first wheel spun yarn, great colours :)