Sunday, 5 February 2012


When my spinning wheel arrived it came with a very nice £15 voucher for fibre from the Wingham Woolwork.  I in no way procrastinated about spending that right away and a few days later I have added 800 grams to the stash for the mere price of postage.  I mostly went for things I hadn't tried before and hopefully will add a couple of breeds to my love to spin list.
That said, one of these is 100g of BFL (right), I couldn't resist, I do love BFL. In the middle is 200g of grey falkland.  Looks like I got so excited I accidentally put this in my basket twice.  I don't mind though, I may dye 100g of it blue or green and make something stripy from the yarn. On the left is 100g Jacob.
 This is 100g of alpaca (I think there is a matching lot of pink on it's way too).  I have spun an alpaca silk blend before but I look forward to seeing if this spins any differently.  I plan to make two 3 ply yarns, one with 2 pink strands and 1 purple and vice versa to knit something with subtle stripes.
This is 100g each of Shetland (left) and Cheviot (right), the shetland I think I'll leave as is, maybe just adding some dyed firestar for subtle sparkle, but the cheviot I think I'll dye something bright as is a bit lighter than all the others. 

Hmm now, what to spin first?

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