Monday, 20 October 2008

Flukes finished...well....

They are for the moment. Really they need to be slightly ripped back so that I can include the 2 pattern repeats I forgot but as I managed to knit the toe and sew in all the ends before I noticed I'm considering it to be temporarily completed. Much as I wish I could just rip it back now and get it done, I just don't have the heart. As soon as I had woven in the last end I had mentally moved on to the next project so I have done just that and I'm currently cruising along on my first Charade. I'm planning on getting on and fixing the fluke once I have finished the first Charade so hopefully I'll have forgiven the socks for coming out wrong (it wasn't my fault, they made me do it) by then.

So far I am really enjoying the Charade pattern, it is really easy to memorise and while being more interesting than stocking stitch is really not very much more complicated. I actually started the main herringbone pattern on Saturday evening just after our power went out so it turns out the pattern is easy enough to do even by candlelight! I have to say that it was a very good job that I had some knitting I could do in the dark otherwise I may have been very pee'd off indeed. Our house is an old bungalow which lies between and area of scrubby trees on one side and the site of a new build on the other side. The new build is pretty much complete on the outside and they are now ready to start laying their cables and pipes etc. So on Saturday there was a digger digging a massive trench all the way up the drive for said pipes etc. Despite Chris warning them that there were wires where they were digging, the owner insisted it would be fine and to carry on. Needless to say within a minute or so they had sliced through our power line and water pipe and we were left in the dark (and cold) until 10:30 at night. They did fix the water pipe pretty quickly which was a start but when it got to 4 hours after my dinner time I was beginning to lose my sense of humour a little. In addition, it looks like the area to the other side of the house is being prepped for redevelopment as well. They started removing the trees on Thursday and apparently there will be heavy traffic to the area as of today, so I'm absolutely dreading what I will find when I get home today. I guess it is a good job I'm a knitter, I can just sit down, pick up my needles and let it all wash over me. Unless Mr Next Door Man starts doing whatever he was doing the other day that made my house shake again. If that happens again I'm going round there with my knitting and poking him in the eye with it. There are limits.

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