Monday, 6 October 2008

Et Voila!

Well Brights 1 is finished, I'm really pleased with it, it fits just right and looks nice on which is always a bonus. I think my second greatest fear when finishing a project is that it will just not suit me and I will have gone to all that effort just to look silly. My greatest fear is it not fitting, but I suppose I can do something about that if you want to rip it back and start again. Although I suppose you can do that if it doesn't suit you too, rip it back and make it into something else. Anyway.... I think this will be something I wear a lot, although I will have to buy some buttons and sew them on so that I can actually wear it! The Knitting and Stitching show is this week so I'll get the buttons there, this means I'll have ever such a lot of choice but I will have to wait til the weekend to wear it.

I am also making good sock progress too. I've decided to be sensible and keep working on the Flukes rather than casting on for anything else. I finished the first sock a couple of months ago but they have been hibernating since while I worked on bigger garments. I am now well on my way to finishing the leag on the second sock and I'm hoping the rest won't take me too long. I am really enjoying knitting this pattern. The lace has become pretty intuitive, all I need is a quick glance at the chart at the beginning of each row to remind myself what I'm doing and I'm off. The pattern has only 8 rows and to my tiny mind it seems like I have achieved something every time I finish a pattern repeat. It's quite good cos it breaks the whole thing down into manageable chunks.

I will add photos of me actually wearing this when I remember.

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