Monday, 22 September 2008

Sisyphus has nothing on me

Last week I received my copy of Custom Knits by Wendy Barnard. I have been reading Wendy's blog for a while and liked her patterns so I have been eagerly awaiting the day when her new book plopped through my letter box. While I am very pleased to say that the book has not disappointed in any way, it has caused me a problem in another way. I just want to knit the lot! Now frankly I do not have enough time in my life to do that and my knitting queue is already far too long.

To make matters worse the new edition of Knitty is up. Luckily there is not ever such a lot in this one which is for me, but I quite like Camden, Slither and Opart. I have so much stuff on my to do list already and I wish that I could be sensible and not look at any new patterns for a while but I just can;t do it. Another Rowan Studio has just come out as well and I know I'm going to buy it because I love every single pattern in it, I also want Thrown Together by Kim Hargreaves so I guess I'll just keep buying these things and then re prioritising my knitting queue until the cows come home. Apologies to all of those projects which will languish at the bottom for all eternity!

I'm sure my forthcoming trip to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace next month will really help matter (not!). No doubt I will come back with a whole load of new yarn with no particular project in mind so I'll have to think of even more stuff to knit. Maybe this year I'll have to limit myself to sock yarn (which everyone knows doesn't count) and yarn I actually need for my queue. Hmm, we'll see how that goes.

In 'current knitting' I have now finished one front on Brights 1 and cast on for the second. I'm really pleased with this so far. I got loads done yesterday as I am still sans tax disc for my scooter so I thought it was best to console myself with a bit of knitting. Hopefully the tax disc is currently sitting in my letter box waiting for me to come home and find it. Fingers crossed.

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