Monday, 15 September 2008

Moving on

It's a typical Monday today and has felt like a really long day at work. I work in a University Library and the students are beginning to trickle back after the holidays, although the main onslaught will begin next week. Whoopee.

For these reasons I have spent most the day looking forward to getting home and cracking on with some knitting. I am currently working on Brights 1 from Rowan Studio 9. I finished the back a few days ago but I had to ban myself from casting on for the fronts until my Crinkle was done. Now I have finished that I can properly move on the Brights c
ardi. This is such an easy and quick pattern that I am hoping to have it done in a week or so (we'll see how that goes!) My real deadline is October though as I am planning on taking part in Socktoberfest this year. I have planned to give away at least three pairs of socks as Christmas Presents in December and so far I have completed one. One sock, not one pair. The main hold up has been choosing the patterns for the socks, I have done this now so I just need to stop working on stuff for myself for a while and get on with it. I'm hoping Socktoberfest will give me the motivation I need.

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