Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Alas, still no tax disc so I had to cycle to work today again. It was very windy this morning so the going was quite tough and all I could think was, this would be so much easier if I had a scooter that wasn't stuck in the garage for the want of a tiny disc of paper!!!!! Rant over. (Although id I don't have it for tomorrow I will be super peeved cos I'll have to go to work on the bus - I have a special kind of hatred saved up for buses)

No exciting knitting news for today. Progress continues on Brights one and now it is getting to the point where I'm going to have to start thinking a
bout buttons. I can't decide whether I want just plain ones in the same shade of mauve or whether to get some really bright contrasting ones. I like the idea of the bright ones but I'm worried that this will make it less wearable as the cardigan will match less of my clothes.

I have however made some decisions with regard to my forthcoming knitting. During October I will be making a really good start on my Christmas knitting.

Firstly I will be completing these Flukes which have been languishing on the needles for quite some time.
will become a pair of Charades

and this
will be a pair of Spiral Eyelets. I won't make any mention of who the intended recipients are though.

I have also been looking out for just the right baby sweater for my boyfriend's new Niece or Nephew. I have finally settled on Presto Chango which I think is really lovely and such a good idea. I think I'll make the whole thing in a neutral colour and then make an extra front panel in either pink or blue once baby is born. He/she is due at the beginning of December so I'll try and get cracking on that at the beginning of November.

I have to admit to being a bit of a selfish knitter at times and looking at the above list of 4 projects for other people does fill me with regret that I won't be making anything for myself for a while! I do enjoy knitting for others and love giving gifts but I guess that there is so much I want to knit for myself that it's tough to take a break. Oh well. Once all of my gifts are done I intend to start on the Slouch Cover up from Rowan Studio ?. I have a huge stock pile of Kid Silk Haze indoors so I really want to get on and make something with it. Although the new Rowan Studio patterns are all makde out of Kid Silk Haze/Aura so I may have to have a rethink about the destiny of some of the yarn in my stash. Great, more decisions!

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