Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy New Year

Wow it's 2018 already!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas period and is looking forward to a brand new year.  We had a lovely christmas, the girls are at an age where the magic is very much still present and that makes it so much fun for everyone.  Also they looked completely adorable in their matching Christmas dresses that I made for them (Butterick 6434 in case you wanted to know)
2018 should be a good year.  Cassie will turn 6 which means that she will be sooo grown up apparently!  Felicity will be 4 in a matter of days and so she will be starting school in September.  That will mean that I will be able to go back to working during the daytime after 6 years of working mostly evenings.  That will be a very good thing!

As it's the beginning of a new year I am naturally looking ahead to the projects that I want to complete this year as well as those that I don't really want to complete that I really should (sweater for Stu I'm looking at you!).  This year is probably going to look much like last year, at least knittingwise as after successfully completing the Boo Knits 2017 challenge with one shawl to spare I decided to go ahead and sign up for the 2018 challenge.  It's very similar to last year's challenge to knit 10 Boo Knits shawls in a year except that this year we need to finish 11.  I finished 11 in 2017 and I still completed many other projects besides so I'm thinking this shouldn't be too hard.  Here are 2017's Boos in all their glory.

Unfortunately I did have one left uncompleted which won't count for either challenge.  I finished knitting it today, 2 days after the deadline.  TWO DAYS!!! So hopefully I'll have that blocked and blogged by the end of the week and hopefully by them I will have decided which shawl I'm going to begin this year's challenge with.

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