Wednesday, 31 January 2018

FO: Chasing Rainbows

Unfortunately January has not been as productive as I'd hoped.  A few weeks ago we had the carpet in our living room replaced with a wooden floor, a decision made necessary by our animals who continued to dig up the carpet by the door to the point where we couldn't actually get the door open some mornings.  This meant clearing out the entire living room into the dining room, which is also my sewing room and there is so much junk still in there that there is no hope of me getting any sewing done until I find new homes for it all.  The living room looks fab though, so there's that.
I have however managed to finish the first of my Boo Knit shawls for this year and I'm about half way through the second so it's not all bad news.  In my last post I had started my bright pink Chasing Rainbows so I won't go into a lot of detail here.  My plan was to make a nice big shawl, I ended up dpoing 5 repeats of the main body pattern rather than the 4 that the pattern calls for and that seems to have worked out just nicely.  I finished with a whole 6 grams of yarn left at the end so a 6th repeat would not have been possible without buying more yarn.  Also I think it would have been bordering on far too large at that point.
Although it may be a bit much for some I'm absolutely in love with my bright pink/neon yellow colour combo.  The pattern suggest that you use a different larger bead for the points of this shawl and I originally had no intention of doing that.  However when I had placed my bead order at Bead Stampede I'd spent enough to qualify for a free packet of beads and the aqua cube beads I received seemed like they might be the perfect way to finish up this super bright project.  They are not overly noticeable unless you look closely but I know they are there and all those bright colours together cheer me right up.
The yarn I used is Juniper Moon Farm Findley lace.  It is a 50/50 silk/wool mix and it has blocked out really nicely.  Obviously only time will tell how well it holds a block but at the moment I would very much consider knitting with it again.  They have a lovely bright purple and also a yellow which is right up my street.
All in all I'm really pleased with this shawl and would definitely knit another, possibly in a less eyeball searing colour combo but possibly not!
And to close I offer you this pic of my children 'helping' me photograph this shawl.  I simply asked them to grab an end each and hold it up so I could get a shot of the thing stretched out and this is what they did.  I ask you!

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