Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me Made May debrief

So today marks the last day of MMMay16 so it's time for me to have a quick muse on how it went and what I have learned.
My pledge for this was that I would wear at least one hand made item of clothing every day throughout May, with bonus points if either of the kids were also wearing a handmade item.  I was fairly confident that I'd manage it, but was interested to see if I'd end up wearing the same stuff over and over and where the gaps were in my handmade wardrobe.  I knew before I started that I have a serious dearth of handmade bottoms, so that was never going to be news, but I wanted to see if any other areas were lacking.
The first thing I realised was that I'd been planning MMMay in an April, which had been pretty rubbish weather-wise, but as soon as May rolled round Spring arrived in earnest.  All of a sudden quite a few items of clothing which had been staples of my wardrobe were being put away until Autumn.  It turns out that I have a lot of long sleeved dresses and tops and that I really do need to start working on some summer clothes.
The next thing was that I have even fewer bottoms than I realised as both of my Grainline Moss skirts are currently a bit on the tight side.  I'm not going to feel bad about that because I made them during the time that I was having issues with my gallbladder and was much thinner than I was really comfortable with.  I did realise that I really missed wearing them though so I'll be making up some more before too long in the next size up.  I also managed to rip 2 pairs of trousers during the month, one old pair and one brand new pair too so despite actually sewing trousers this month I actually ended up down a pair in the end.
However, I'm not feeling downhearted at all, I made it to day 19 before having to wear anything twice which just goes to show that I have lots of choice in my handmade wardrobe.  During the month I finished 5 new garments (mostly unblogged and pictured) so I'm feeling pretty productive too.  All in all it's been a fun and informative month and I now have a shopping list of useful items that I'd like to make over the coming weeks rather than just making spur of the moment choices each time I finish a project.  Big thanks to everyone else who joined in, it's been really inspiring to see what other people wear on a day to day basis and really interesting to see which of my projects have caught peoples eye too.
So that's that.  To save myself feeling aimless and lost I'm starting a new challenge tomorrow because it's Outfit Along time!  I have plans and I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about them.

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