Saturday, 7 February 2015

Surgery and selfies

A couple of weeks ago I was scheduled to get my gallbladder removed. I never thought I'd be looking forward to getting an internal organ removed but that little thing had been pretty much ruling my life for months and I was pleased to get an eviction date. The night before, I packed my dressing gown, slippers and knitting and settled down to not sleep before getting up to arrive at the hospital before 7am. At the hospital they had no idea who I was, couldn't find me on any lists and sent me home again. Awesome.

On Wednesday I had another go. In my mind I'd decided they'd probably cancel on me again so I wasn't worried at all. I slept like a log until Felicity woke me at 5am. After feeding her and getting her back to sleep I figured I may as well get up and enjoy the kind of peace and quiet you can only get once in a blue moon when you have a young family.

I put in a few rows on my Caramel, which has grown remarkably quickly, while I waited for my mum to come and pick me up.

6am, no make up and clearly not with it at all!

At the hospital they had actually heard of me this time and after I'd seen a few doctors and an anaesthetist I figured it might actually happen this time. In the pre op care unit I put in a few rows on my Greenwich socks and had a nice chat with an old lady who was sad that she hadn't thought to bring her knitting!

Skip to today, I'm now sat at home without my gallbladder, I'm pretty sore and the gas they inflated my stomach with seriously needs to stop bubbling around my innards get absorbed already. But I'm happy, I'm slowly trying out all of the foods I've really missed over the last few months and I'm really taking advantage of having an excuse to just sit and knit. Good times!

On the sleeves already!



Renee Anne said...

WOOOHOOOO! It's gone! About time, too...

Husband had his out about four years ago and he's been fine ever since :)

Hannah Smith said...

That's exactly how I feel!