Thursday, 19 February 2015

FO: Caramel

Having two little people in my life and my size having fluctuated a lot over the last few years has meant that I haven't really knit anything big for myself in aaages. I've finished a few cardigans that had languished in almost done hell but I hadn't knit anything from scratch, until now. And seriously, everyone else can wait for what they need because I'm hooked!

I love this thing and it's mine!

It's been said before but I'll say it again, this is basically a wearable blanket. It's warm and comfortable and unlike a blanket you can wear it out of the house without anyone giving you the side eye. Despite its blankety nature this knit up a lot quicker than I'd have imagined, less than a month from start to finish. The pattern was really simple and easy to follow. The only change I made was to finish the striping a bit early because I didn't want to start and finish with the same colour.

I'm considering sewing poppers on at the neck to hold it closed rather than faffing about with a pin if I want to wear it closed. If I knit this again I may even add buttonholes right from the off. Other than that I'm so pleased with this. And now I'm off to knit something else for meeeee!


Pattern: Caramel by Isabell Kraemer

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed (grey) and Katia Merino Blend (pink and purple)


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Renee Anne said...

I love your little photobomber :) Also, it's fabulous :)