Monday, 11 November 2013

Two FOs

That's right, I'm really going for it at the moment! Cassie's Owl Mitts are finally dry and baby's Kilkenny hat took barely any time at all so that is done too.

The mittens turned out super cute even though I really didn't love the pattern. I felt like I had to translate it before I could even start and even some of the bits I thought did understand were a bit puzzling when I got to them, but what I ended up with is lovely so I can't really complain.

The pattern offers a few options with the construction of the mittens. I chose to do the two colour ribbing rather than solid, firstly because I think it looks better, but also to try out another new technique and improve my skills. This does sacrifice most of the elasticity at the wrist but I still love the way it looks. I decided not to bother with the slit at the palm. Cassie doesn't really need to get at her fingers while we're out and about, but that would be a good option for an older toddler. With hindsight I also could have left off the thumb for the same reason. They are very long for Cassie, unfortunately I can't get a good picture of her wearing them because she keeps waving her hands about, but hopefully that means they will last her for a while. She loves them and keeps asking me to put them on her so hopefully she'll actually keep them on when we go outside.

Pattern Convertible Owl Mittens by Rebecca Reveal, yarn Drops Nepal
Baby's hat was a much less of a problem. There's not much to say really, it was quick and easy, the pattern was clear and concise and the hat is really cute. I can't wait until there is a tiny baby head in it though because it looks a bit sad at the moment.
Again the pattern is Kilkenny by Woolly Wormhead and the yarn is Drops Lima. I did make just one change to the pattern, the icords were supposed to be purl icords but I tried that for about 4 rows before I decided that it wasn't working for me and plain old regular icord would have to do. I like it anyhow.


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