Saturday, 2 November 2013

FO: It's a secret

My secret Christmas present project I've been working on is done. I'm a bit bummed that I can't really share anything about it but I figure an extreme close up won't do any harm, so here you go.

So there you go, it's black and has at least one turquoise button, intriguing.

With that done, it's onwards and upwards so I'm casting on for Cassie's Convertible Owl Mittens. I'll be honest, I've had to read and re-read this pattern so many times before it made complete sense to me. This is probably nothing to do with the pattern and is most likely because I've never knit anything with a similar construction. Now I've got my head round it all it actually seems pretty straightforward, but I've annotated the chart with simple instructions in my own word which should clarify things if I start to get a bit foggy again. Now I just need to get Cassie to bed so that I can give these my undivided attention. She's having a 'difficult' day and I'm fairly sure arsey toddlers and stranded knitting do not mix.


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Renee Anne said...

No, crabby toddlers and stranded knitting do not mix. Honestly, crabby toddlers and knitting in general don't mix.