Saturday, 1 June 2013

Stashdown Progress May Edition

Because it is the beginning of June (seriously, how did that happen?!) I figure it is time to post my stash graph again to include the whole of May.  From now on I'll try and post it at the beginning of each month so we can see how I did the month before.  So here it is, I've finally got round to fancying it up a bit in too.

I'm very pleased that this shows a downward trend, even if it is very slight. Start as we mean to go on eh!  You may notice that I have added one ball to the stash so I guess now is a good time to clarify what I mean by 'added'.  This culd mean that I've been bad and bought more yarn, but it could also mean that I have unravelled something and aded the yarn back in to the stash or, as in this case, it could mean that I have finished making some handspun.  At some point I will take stock of the fluff stash as well so I could see that go down as the yarn stash goes up in cases like this. I'll takes some photos of the finished yarn as soon as I can and do a little FO post for it in the next couple of days.

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