Wednesday, 26 June 2013

All quiet on the blog front

 I've been pretty quiet recently, mostly because I haven't really been up to much, but also partly because my laptop is on the blink.  I'm afraid to say that I was not really up for blogging from my phone so I just haven't really bothered.  I came home from work last night, however, to find that Stu had bought me an iPad out of the blue, so I'm seeing how that goes for today.

So I haven't really got much knitting done recently, just the odd row of my Cria here and there.  Cassie has become a climber extraordinaire over the last few weeks and I found that I was having to put my knitting completely away every time I left the room so I kind of stopped getting it out at all.  I have however done a bit of sewing, including a project bag for slightly larger projects.
The pattern is from 101 Fabric by Fabric Ways to Sew a Metre by yaker and Hoskins.  At the moment it is comfortably housing my Cria and my copy of the Little Red Book so I'm really pleased with the size.  The only thing I'm not too happy with is the closure. I should have used a much slippier ribbon because it is quite difficult to pull open and closed, but for the moment I'm going to leave it and hope that it keeps Cassie out!  I've also finally got around to starting the Clothkits kit for cassie that I bought a dogs age ago. I'm hoping to finish that tonight as it's my night off work and get some pics of it all finished up on here soon.

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Renee Anne said...

Luckily, she'll grow out of the getting into everything stage...I can now leave my knitting out and Little Man doesn't touch it. My wheel, however....that's a whole other story. Silly children.