Thursday, 21 March 2013


Last time I talked about my sewing was back in September when I had just cut out about a million little pieces to make a dress for Cassie.  A few days later my mum took Cassie for the day and I was able to sew those bits together into something resembling a dress.  Actually I was really proud of the job I had done, the only problem was that it was HUGE!  It was really only 5 months later that she finally grew into it and I love her in it.  I’ve had a few comments about how nice it is and I always feel really proud to say I made it myself.
 Another favourite is this one, made from New Look pattern 6016.  The pattern is sized up until age 4 so I think Cassie will be wearing versions of this dress for many years to come.  It’s really easy, super cute and very wearable.  I’ve already made her another one in denim which I embroidered the bottom of, but it is far too long so I’m trying to decide whether to cut the bottom off and maybe applique the embroidery on, cut a section out from the middle and reattach the bottom or just wait until she grows a bit and hope the rest of the dress still fits. Choices, choices.
 My proudest achievement, however has to be this quilt that I made for Cassie for Christmas.  Given that quilting is a pretty new thing for me, perhaps attempting a cathedral window quilt was overreaching a just little.  It’s a little rough and ready looking. But overall I’m pleased with it.  After trying out the technique to make a pincushion (tutorial here) I decided to go crazy and make a whole quilt but upscaled the blocks to around double the size to make the whole project a little more manageable.  It was at this point that I failed to ask the most important question, will these blocks fit nicely on my ironing board in order to easily complete all of the ironing and origami needed to make the 24 uniform pieces for this quilt?  Inevitably the answer was no.  I only realised this after cutting out all of the bits and attempting to make the first block.  I made do with what I had and did a bit of a botch job, ending up with a bit of a wiggly looking quilt.  However, when I look at it I still think it looks pretty impressive and I hope that Cassie keeps hold of it for many years to come.

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Renee Anne said...

I am glad to see you're back (with baby and crafting in tow!). I was starting to worry that you hadn't posted...and, of course, I can't find you on Ravelry. ::sigh::

Anyway.....I do love those little dresses. I think if I had a little girl, I would have been more inclined to learn to sew. But I have a boy so I need to make things for him to destroy (like playdough).