Wednesday, 20 March 2013

More, more, more hats!

I've had this post written for days but I've only just managed to take photos of all the hats, so without further ado I can pick up where my last post left off...
Thanks to my sis for being an almost willing model!
 Just as I was about to cast of yet another baby hat Stu started complaining that I never knit him anything, so I put all my plans aside and cast on for a hat for him instead.  I had to have a dig around my stash to find something masculine enough for him and came up with a skein of Briggs and Little Regal that my mum brought me back as a gift when she went to Canada.  Frankly I don't know what possessed her, it is totally not up my street at all but I guess it all worked out, especially as it come in a massive skein so I have enough left for a second go!  This is important because this hat did not work out at all.  I used the Armando Hat pattern, it's a good pattern but despite thinking it looked a little small I decided not to keep knitting and now I have a great manly hat that fits me perfectly but is no use for Stu.  I'll knit him another one soon but not just yet, this yarn is far too dull for me.
 Now something like this is far more up my alley!  Lots of colours and some really bright pink.  This is a very simple slouchy hat that I made up as I went along using some of my handspun.  I'd spun the yarn very thick and thin, so ascertaining it weight and a gauge was rather difficult, hence the extreme slouchiness of the final product.  It's kind of knobbly and wobbly, but I love it nonetheless.
And finally my favourite, a Brownie hat for Cassie.  Again I used my own handspun, a lovely merino silk blend 3 ply.  I used nearly every scrap of it, which is why the hat doesn't have earflaps like the pattern, but I don't think it needs them.  I really enjoyed this pattern and the finished product is really smooth and warm, just perfect for a little delicate baby head.  I think she looks pretty stinking cute in it and I've had loads of comments on it while I've been out and about so I guess I'm not the only one who thinks so.

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Renee Anne said...

She's totally adorable! And I think you're right about the flaps: I don't think it needs them either.