Friday, 5 February 2010

Tidying up

I’ve had a few days off from posting, not (as is usually the case) because I have done absolutely nothing of note but because I have actually been very busy indeed. When I moved into my flat in September I wanted it to be a little haven of loveliness, but actually it has just been really messy. Moving was a bit of a drama, I moved out of a massive bungalow in to a tiny flat and somehow had to work out where to put everything. Then once I had worked that out I had a whole load of boxes and moving paraphernalia with nowhere to put them. This resulted in unsightly piles of boxes taking up the room I needed to put stuff away in and my flat looking rather shabby. So this weekend my brother finally came and relieved me of all of those boxes and I could finally finish putting everything in it’s place. It has taken me the best part of 3 days but it looks lovely, although slightly unrecognisable. When I got home from work yesterday I had a fleeting moment of panic as I thought I had been burgled!

Oh and just a quick note, I’ve found my ball winder, so no more hand rolled balls rolling around the floor for me – hurrah!

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